About me

I love exploring.

With my clients I explore solutions for challenges at their job. I work with researchers, artists, teachers and social worker.

At home in both the humanities and the sciences, I obtained my PhD in Psychology in 2014 (with a neuroscientific study on visuo-spatial attention) and my M.A. in Italian Studies, Linguistics and Comparative Literature in 2010.

I have been working in various areas of science management, such as the coordination of graduate schools, personnel development, and in the acedemic education of teachers. I have met many individuals that wished for more satisfaction in their working environment. That motivates my purpose: I want to co-create working environments, where individuals have a sense of self efficacy and feel valued.

I received training as a systemic coach and systemic counseler (SG-certified). Furthermore, I am trained in team development and organization development (Systemisches Institut Sachsen in Chemnitz).

Work with me.